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Elder Law 

Our Elder Law practice at the Jurisprudence Health Law Group PC identifies and places legally sound solutions their present and future financial and health needs. Navigating the ever-changing rules, regulations and statutes is daunting and often leaves our senior clients, families and caregivers completely confused and unprepared leading to negative and costly outcomes.

We work with you to create:

Wills and Last Testaments

Powers of Attorney - Property and Healthcare

Trusts (Irrevocable and Revocable)

Living Wills

Adult Children Guardianship for Incapacitated Elderly Parents

Medicaid Planning

Absent careful planning, Medicaid benefits can be delayed or denied, resulting in the Senior and his or her loved ones with debilitating bills often draining a life time of savings. Our Elder Law practice will help you identify your situation and create a plan to ensure that you receive your fair share of Medicaid benefits.



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